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February 14th -16th , 2020 River Spirit Expo at Expo Square Fairgrounds, Tulsa, OK
August 30th - September 1st, 2019 Ft. Smith Convention Center, Ft. Smith. AR

FAQs - Ft. Smith

Coming Soon!

FAQs - Tulsa

  • Question : What kind of cars are in the show?
  • Answer : Starbird Car Shows have always tried to have something for everyone. Whether it is wild customs or 4X4’s, this event will have it. While all cars are pre-approved to be shown, we try to have as much variety as possible.


  • Question: How much are tickets?
  • Answer: See our ticket prices HERE.


  • Question: Is this event indoors or outdoors?
  • Answer: There is an indoor and outdoor element to the show.


  • Question: Will the Cool Car Corral continue with bad weather?
  • Answer: The CCC will go on regardless of weather. Imagine a tailgate. People don’t stop partying for nothing!


  • Question: How much is parking?
  • Answer: Parking is free at the River Spirit Expo at Expo Square


  •  Question: What products make for a good vendor?
  • Answer: Because we draw such a wide range of people, almost anything can make for a good booth.


  • Question: Will there be security in the building overnight?
  • Answer: Yes, 24 hour security will be on site.


  •  Question: How many cars do you usually draw?
  • Answer: While this number varies, we annually draw approximately  1,000 cars inside.


  • Question: How many spectators come to the show?
  • Answer: Over the past five years, we’ve averaged 35,000 people through the doors.


  • Question: What time does the show open? When is there entertainment?
  • Answer: Event information can be found HERE