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The 2019 "Go for the Gold" Award participant video



Check out the intro to the official 2019 Show DVD! Be sure to reach out for purchase details.





Check out the 2018 "Go for the Gold" Fine Nine finalists!




Check out Darryl Starbird on the beloved "My Classic Car with Dennis Gage"! They walk through the National Rod & Custom Car Hall of Fame and discuss some of the incredible creations that inhabit it's halls.





When Jesse James and the producers of Monster Garage wanted to bring out the big dogs to customize a '51 Cadillac, one of the first men they called was Darryl. As a member of both the design and build team, you get to see why he is such a respected and idolized man in the car world. Just a great episode full of some great work done by some awesome gear heads!





Ever wonder how Darryl Starbird came to be one of the top car customizers in the rod and custom world? Well this video will get you up to speed and teach you a few things along the way.





One of Darryl's crowning achievements was when he was able to establish the Darryl Starbird National Rod & Custom Car Hall of Fame. Not only does the HOF house some of Starbird's greatest creations, but many of the automobiles in attendance are donations or loaners from across the country. Check out this video to see why the Hall of Fame is a must see destination for any car nut.