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Rockin' Billy Bash

Rockin' Billy Bash

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Be sure to come out to the 2020 show and check out the fourth annual Rockin' Billy Bash! A celebration of the spirit of the traditional Rod and Kustom kulture, as well as the do it yourself attitude that everyone can relate with. We'll have pinstripers, tattoo artists, rock n' roll and more through out the entire weekend. Got a business that's geared toward the greasers and pinups? We'll have room in the area for vendors to setup as well.

Also, if your car personifies what the Rockin' Billy Bash is all about, perhaps you'll take home a trophy as a part of the new found "Dirty Dozen"! By no means a trophy for the prettiest or best, but instead an indictment to the twelve cars that truly display what the old school Rod and Kustom kulture is all about.

If you're interested in participating, be sure to fill out an application HERE or our online form HERE today!


LIVE Entertainment

Brian Lee Dunning and his band!

Action Arena

Live action Hooning with burnouts, freestyle and flamethrowers 



Live Kustom Build

Coming soon!


Mustache and Beard Competition


Mini Bike Drags

Sign up and pay HERE

Peddle Cars

Sign up and pay HERE to show/compete with your Pedal Car

Write in Comment section what you're entering for. Choose Peddle/Mini option on second page to pay after clicking Submit.

Bring your own or pick one of ours!
Hosted by Rats for Autism
Contact Steve Tate - 501.284.0428  

Downhill Derby


Details to compete in Downhill Derby competition:

6' or shorter
at least 3 wheels
non motorized
can carry multiple people
5' push off
90 degree turn at bottom of ramp
elimination and grudge matches
$100 First Prize
Hosted by Defiance Speed Shop


Sign up and pay HERE


Valve Cover Races



Tattoo Expo

If you're looking to get a new tattoo, why not get it at the Starbird Car Show? Reach out to an artist below to schedule your newest work of body art!

Pin Up Contest

The 50’s and 60’s lifestyle has always been a staple for the car world. As the heyday of hot rods and customs, people have always hung on to its styles, music and overall demeanor. None of this is more apparent than in the Pinup subculture. Curls, waist highs, tattoos and red lipstick are on full display in our annual Pinup Competition held through out the weekend. If you fit the bill, be sure to apply for this year’s event using the form below. If you have any questions, you can contact Johnna Dillinger at or (417) 346-7002. Get all the up to date information at the Competition’s facebook Page here


Download our printable entry form HERE  or click the picture below to go to the online form!